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Singapore Company
Government Engagement and Media Monitoring for a Leading Global Online Travel Agent

Mandala assisted one of the largest and globally recognized Online Travel Agents (OTAs) by helping with Electronic System Operators (ESOs) registration under the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (MoCI). We assisted and coordinated the registration of ESOs with MoCI to extend the registration deadline by leveraging our network within the Ministry. We also conducted media monitoring and analysis in the issues of Al, competition, tax, creative economy, etc. Additionally, we explored potential partnerships with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (MoTCE). As a result, the client successfully registered the OTA as an ESO in Indonesia and developed a strategic partnership framework that improved positive perceptions of foreign OTAs.

Singapore Company
Driving Green Energy for Captive Power Plant in the Downstreaming Industry

Embarking on the ambitious task of integrating solar energy into Sulawesi’s infrastructure, a crucial component of Indonesia’s extensive downstreaming project, especially for the captive power plant attached to the smelter, our team focused on creating a comprehensive stakeholder map and polishing the advocacy strategy for clients, including providing the narrative for each stakeholder our clients meet with. This map encompassed key players from both the business and government sectors. Additionally, we conducted discreet intelligence operations to gain valuable insights into the various companies and stakeholders involved in the project, such as the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment and one of the world’s largest battery producers, and one of Indonesia’s conglomerates from a business perspective. Recognizing the complexity of our mission, we strategically addressed challenges by analyzing the dynamics of the renewable energy sector and discreetly gathering intelligence on relevant project-related entities.

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