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At Mandala Consulting, we take immense pride in our exceptional capabilities, which are the result of our highly accomplished team, systematic approach, and proven expertise. With years of experience in both the governmental and private sectors, we possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of policy advisory and a track record of remarkable achievements.

We believe that your fresh perspectives and talents can further enhance our capabilities, allowing us to reach even greater heights. By joining our team, you'll become part of an awe-inspiring journey where we shape policies and make a positive impact on the Indonesian landscape.

Why should you join Mandala Consulting?

Learning and development
Your development is one of Mandala’s priorities. We want to have an upward trajectory learning curve for all employees. This also means providing the platform, opportunity, and resources.
We stand and joint by our values
The Mandala 5 values are paramount in conducting business and managing our team. If you share those same values, joining Mandala will help you and us to enrich it.
Expand your network
By joining Mandala, it would exponentially increase your network as we are not shy to involve all our team members in engaging key actors in the industry
Your voice matters (merit based)
As we have a small and flat organization, there is not much gap between you and the leadership team. You can access them, freely voice out your rationale, and have a healthy exchange of thoughts process.
Impactful work
When you join Mandala, you will be working in sectors that are critical to the future of Indonesia and the world. This opportunity allows you to shape the industry or even a nation.
Flexibility (result oriented)
Mandala has a set of extremely clear indicators of what the company wants to achieve. This practice provides you the platform to experiment and flexibly manage your work and personal life.

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