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Mandala Consulting


As a boutique consulting firm, we deeply understand the issues faced by our clients through active listening, allowing us to provide actionable solutions that effectively navigate Indonesia’s policy, regulatory, and political landscape.

The vast archipelago of Indonesia harbors immense potential in the agriculture, energy, and environmental sectors, all of which are influenced by the country’s policies and political dynamics. In response to this pressing need, Mandala Consulting is established, offering an analytical, data-driven approach that encompasses cutting-edge policy advisory, meticulous political risk assessment, and strategic market entry strategies.

Our approach encompasses indepth strategic studies, proactive stakeholder engagement, and comprehensive business strategy recommendations. We provide extensive support to facilitate informed and confident strategic decision-making.

Mandala Consulting is committed to proactively aligning with the growth of your business, enabling us to recruit and retain top-tier consultants who contribute to a bright and prosperous future for both Indonesia and your business.

What Makes Us Different

Indonesian-Based Professionals

As an Indonesian-owned entity, our solutions are rooted in local insights, allowing us to navigate uncharted waters with precision and deliver optimal results. Our team comprises experienced Indonesian professionals with deep local knowledge, correspondence with policy makers and a tailored approach to address unique challenges in Indonesia.

Taking Advisory to the Next Level

Our advisory efforts are built upon extensive studies, data-driven approaches, robust analysis, creative thinking, and other proven methodologies. We combine our expertise with a thorough understanding of your unique needs to develop well-informed strategies and actionable recommendations.

Top-Qualified Personnel

Our consultants are among the best in their respective fields, with some coming from top universities, working at renowned companies, and holding important positions in the government. Therefore, we aspire to be a small yet highly effective team..

Tailor-Made Solutions

As our valued clients, you are the ones who know best about your challenges and pain points. We understand that every problem is unique, which is why we provide tailor-made solutions specifically for vou. We listen to you attentively, greatly valuing your concerns and inputs, in order to construct the most accurate and strategic recommendations for your business.

Our Values

Excellence, Virtue, Prudence, Solution-Oriented, and Commitment are the pillars we uphold in conducting professional and ethical business.

Our Focus

Navigating Indonesia's strategic sectors with deep expertise

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as the topof-mind professional consulting firm in Indonesia, specializing in effectively managing policy and political challenges for businesses.

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