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Mandala Consulting is looking for professionals with 2-4 years of experience to join our team as Consultants. There are four different consultant roles available: Strategic Research Consultant, Legal and Compliance Consultant, Economic Consultant, and Political Risk Consultant. Currently, we only open for the Strategic Research Consultant Role. As a Consultant, you will have the opportunity to apply and develop a range of skills, such as problem-solving, creative thinking, storytelling, advisory, research, policy analysis, and leadership.

What you’ll do:

At Mandala Consulting, you will begin your journey with a specialized focus and work closely with our Lead Consultants to be involved in the action. Although you may have a specific role, such as a Legal and Compliance Consultant or Economic Consultant, your work will involve a broad range of tasks as a generalist. However, you do not need to have expertise in a specific industry to make a difference at Mandala.

You will work in a team of 2 to 4 consultants to develop solutions for specific client issues. This will involve analyzing data, developing hypotheses, and conducting risk assessments. You will also collaborate with industry experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders to gain insights and deliver impactful solutions.

At Mandala, we have a culture that values excellence, merit-based achievements, and inclusivity. As a Consultant at Mandala, you will have opportunities for learning and gaining valuable experience in:

  • All consultant will experience and learn:
    • Structured thinking – Using a framework for analyzing and understanding the issues and challenges faced by our clients
    • Draw conclusions – Synthesizing your findings and analysis
    • Creative thinking – Developing structured solutions
    • Storytelling – Crafting a compelling narrative that effectively communicates your conclusions and recommendations.
    • Leadership – Take a leadership role in mentoring and guiding Associate Consultants.
  • Strategic Research Consultant:
    • Thorough and comprehensive – Deep diving a sector
    • Summarized problems – Formulating the top issues of the sectors


  • All Consultant must have:
    • Excellent in English – A strong command of the English language, both verbally and in writing
    • Problem diagnosis – The ability to identify and analyze issues 
    • Inquisitive – A deep curiosity and desire for knowledge
    • Collaborative – Strong collaboration skills
    • Probing skill – The ability to ask pertinent questions to gather information and gain insights. 
    • Data and impact oriented – A passion for developing evidence-based policies and achieving social impact
    • Crunching numbers – Be comfortable working with quantitative analysis
    • Effective storyteller – competent communicator particularly when it comes to storytelling
    • Problem solving – Approach problems in a data-driven manner to develop effective solutions.
  • Stategic Research Consultant:
    • Learner – The ideal candidate should have a Master’s or an Advanced degree in public policy, public affairs, business administration, or a STEM background.
    • Problem Solver Enthusiast – The ideal candidate should have at least 3 to 4 years of work experience in fields such as management consulting, business operations, corporate strategy, business intelligence, special projects, policy analysis, equity analysis, financial analysis, or any other relevant work experience that involves the ability to solve problems and develop effective processes.

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