Fauzia Inayatullah Azzahra

Fauzia Inayatullah Azzahra

General Affairs & Designer

Our General Affairs & Designer, Fauzia Azzahra, is a dynamic and versatile professional, who has carved a niche for herself in the fields of design communication visual, creative media, and psychology. With a solid academic foundation, Fauzia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Andalas University, providing a strong foundation for

her unique approach to customer-oriented strategies and project administration. Fauzia’s understanding of human behavior and visual aesthetics has been instrumental in shaping her career.

Her professional journey includes an impressive three-year tenure in the digital media industry, where she demonstrated her prowess in project management as a project manager for a creative media organization. Additionally, her role as a content creator at a crowdfunding company further showcased her creative ability to engage audiences. Fauzia’s unique blend of psychological insight, design acumen, and project management skills make her a valuable asset in the dynamic world of design communication and creative media

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