Gain Insights into Indonesia's Sea Sand Policy

July 04, 2023

Explore the economic and geopolitical dynamics, while addressing environmental concerns. Discover the implications shaping the region's future landscape.

Sea sand mining in Indonesia poses significant environmental and social problems. It leads to erosion, coastal degradation, and loss of biodiversity, including coral reefs and mangrove forests. Coastal communities relying on fishing and tourism suffer from disrupted livelihoods, while illegal mining and smuggling exacerbate the issues. Conflicts arise among stakeholders, and the influx of migrant workers strains local infrastructure. Though the Indonesian government has taken steps to regulate sand mining, sustainable management remains crucial to address these concerns effectively.


The purpose of this document is to provide general information about Gain Insights into Indonesia's Sea Sand Policy. The contents of this document should not be construed as specific recommendations or advice. For questions about the contents of this document, please contact Mandala Consulting. The information in this article is accurate as of the publication date. However, due to the rapidly changing nature of the law in Indonesia, the accuracy of the information will be limited.

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