Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

In Indonesia, a country abundant in natural resources, the agriculture, energy, and environment sectors are influenced by numerous stakeholders, and in turn, have significant impacts on these stakeholders. Our services are designed to assist you in effectively identifying and engaging with these key stakeholders through a strategic approach.

Our stage-by-stage process for stakeholder engagement begins with meticulous identification of the relevant stakeholders, followed by creating a platform for exchanging aspirational ideas with them. This process is supported by comprehensive studies that serve as a foundation for informed discussions and collaborations with thought leaders, including your company, to develop actionable recommendations for stakeholder engagement that aim to educate and inform positively. Once a coherent and profound understanding is established through this process, we then plan and execute a targeted public campaign to amplify the message.

Our strategic approach ensures that you are equipped with the necessary tools and insights to effectively communicate and engage with key stakeholders, fostering meaningful relationships and achieving your objectives in the agriculture, energy, and environment sectors in Indonesia.

  • Mapping of the Key Stakeholders
  • Dialogue with Stakeholders
  • Extensive Studies and Discussion Point Development
  • Collaborating with Thought Leaders
  • Developing Your Company to be Thought Leader
  • Stakeholder sharing knowledge
  • Provide Recommendations
  • Campaign Planning to the Public
  • Stakeholders Engagement is ideal for businesses that want:
    • More inclusivity in the process of policymaking
    • To build better working collaboration withpolicymakers
    • To become a thought leader
    • To educate the relevant stakeholders

  • However, as part of our tailor-made
    recommendations, Stakeholders Engagement
    often becomes an integral component of our
    full suite consulting service.
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